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Rhyton Global

is a technical based sales and services organization focused on Automation and SCADA systems & devices including Smart Power Quality Meters for Power Quality analysis & power system monitoring, advanced ( PLC / PAC / RTU ) for SCADA & automation, Early Leak Detection systems for transmission pipelines and...


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2/7/2018: RTU32N is out. RTU32N comes with all the RTU32 features plus LCD display and keypad, more COM ports, ...







1/29/2018: 20% DISCOUNT Limited time discounted prices for power quality sensors. Please refer to power quality  or Shop Now pages. 


12/20/2017: As of today, NTPM Series are available to purchase driectly on Amazon. 


8/17/2017: Training launch: Power quality parameters (reading and analysis) training course is launched. Through this 5Hour course you will learn how to retrieve and analyze the curves and diagrams recorded in your Power Quality Sensor.  Through this knowledge, you can... See more