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Rhyton Global


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Orange CA 92868

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Other information

Other information:

Rhyton Global is a trading company with technical approach.


  • RTU/PLC/PAC controllers for SCADA & Substation Automation Systems
  • Power Quality Sensor/ Recorders for Utilities, & Facilities 
  • Instrument Transformers (CT/VT) for power systems metering
  • Pipeline Management Systems (for fluid transmission pipelines)
  • GPRS / PSTN Modems for SCADA systems



  • SCADA and telemetry
  • Factory Automation
  • Traffic monitor/control in railways, tunnels, highways
  • Water,oil & oil derivatives pipelines preservation and maintenance
  • Power management, load studies, power quality monitoring
  • Environmental parameters monitoring
  • Substation Automation



  • Oil & Gas,
  • Water/ Waste Water utilities,
  • Power T&D,
  • Industrial Plants,
  • Pipeline Operators,


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