SCADA & Automation Pipeline Management  Systems Supply Design

Oil and Gas Industries

From distant oil wells to many different types of refineries and petrochemical complexes, the Oil &Gas sector by nature is a giant network of inter-related plants connected by miles and miles of pipelines.

…and we have a lot to offer for that

For oil wells and pipelines, we offer

  • RTU/PLCs for telemetry  and remote control (SCADA). Depending on the size of your stations, the designated  communication protocols, and the communication media, you may choose to pick
    • RTU870, RTU32s , or RTU32 with IEC 60870-5,
    • RTU32R with SNMP Alarm Controller,
    • or simply RTUCOM with in-built GSM or PSTN modem and antenna.
    • Industrial GPS or PSTN modems /communicators
  • Early Leak Detection Systems to  help save money as well as environment. Taking samples of temperature, pressure, and other physical quantities of the liquid, the Leak Hunter (as it is named) detects a leak through parallel calculation of different algorithms to minimize false alarms.  The  location of the leak will be calculated with amazing accuracy. 

For Refineries and petrochemical plants, we propose

  • RTU/PLCs for  control systems. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, you have the choice of the simple RTU32S to the advanced RTU32 with many Communication protocols and redundant operability.
  • Power & Energy Measure / Record/report  devices to help load study, optimize watt/VAR consumption specially by providing trend curves and min/max data as well as harmonic report and many other important parameters. The data  measured or calculated with standard precision, is not only transmitted to the designated center (through serial port or Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi) , but also saved on a SD RAM for months ,  accessible by a simple browser  so you can view trend curves of the electrical figures over the past days, weeks or months , allowing you to calibrate and manage the power loads and timings or to replace parts which are making trouble.

And to make all that more fluent, we introduce  :

  • Engineering and/ or Training Services . We know that design stage is a lumber sum and exhausting part a project, and because we have done it many times before , we offer in excess of configuration, test , and commissioning of the products sell, or take the basic end detail design of project  such as the single lines, I/O mappings, network design, Calculation sheets, bills of materials, and many other design tasks related to your project. 
  • We can assist select your proper Control Center/ HMI software.


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