SCADA & Automation Pipeline Management  Systems Supply Design

Water/Waste Water

Great efforts and tremendous financial resources are spent to treat water and transport it to the consumers, and to manage the resulting waste water disposal or rehabilitation. To clean, move, control and conserve water is a continuous complex challenge.




Local and/ or remote monitoring and control is a necessity in the treatment process as well as transmittion and distribution of water and  management of wastewater. 

We have solutions for different segements of the water/ wastewater industry:    

  • Water wells , water pump stations , reservoirs, and flood-water management and protection:
    • Thanks to the simple application and reliable operation, our RTU/ PLCs are widely used in the water/waste water telemetry and control systems around the globe. Thousands of installations, robust operation, high reliability, extremely low rate of need for repair, flexible design, and legacy systems compatibility make thes products a perfect fit for new or retrofit projects.


  • Water transmission pipelines: 
    • Our Leak Detection System, "The Leak Hunter"  is designed to save money and precious natural water resources. "The Leak Hunter" utilizes physical parameters from the pipeline, runs several real-time parallel algorithms, and generates immediate alarms with precise leakage location. With Leak Hunter utilities have the best surveillance over their properties. It allows the operators to act before loss and damage occurres. The Leak hunter comes complete with central station hardware and software as well as instruments and remote monitoring equipment aling the pipeleins.  


  • Additionally, in order to provide comprehensive services, We also offer;
    • Power quality & Energy Meter/ recorders to manage power quality and consumption in the plants. Especially when there are huge motors working in the process, the need for monitoring the quality of the power is more evident as the performance and life time of the motors are concerned. The Power Quality Meter/ Recorders are palm-size easy to install devices with user friendly web interface and Ethernet/ serial ports for connecting to the local or central control system.


  • Lastly;
    • Our Engineering design, consulting and Training Services ensure success and optimal cost/performance of the projects  . Our services include the single lines, I/O mappings, network design, calculation sheets, bill of materials, cable routes, HMI configuration, and PLC programming.




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