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2/7/2018: RTU32N is out. RTU32N comes with all the RTU32 features plus LCD display and keypad, more COM ports, ... 

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1/29/2018: 20% DISCOUNT Limited time discounted prices for power quality sensors. Please refer to power quality  or Shop Now pages. 


12/20/2017: As of today, NTPM Series are available to purchase driectly on Amazon. 



8/17/2017: Power quality parameters (reading and analysis) training course is launched. Through this 5Hour course you will learn how to retrieve and analyze the curves and diagrams recorded in your Power Quality Sensor.  Through this knowledge, you can find an insight of your electrical equipment, detect impending failures beforehand, and avoid costly downtimes and repairs.




4/26/2017: "Hive" is a software platform for the "Industrial internet of things". 

Using AKKA platform makes it ideal for developement of concurrent, distributed, and resillient message- driven applications.

Good news for NTPM users is that "Hive", among other applications, is a perfect tool to supervise all the NTPMs installed in remore sites. It is  GIS compatible and so the installed devices may be selected according to location as well.    

4/20/2017: Supervising your power system is made even easier. NTPM APP (Netico Insight)  is now available on "Appstore" and "Googleplay".

Download and install the app free and start your mobile experience of power quality monitoring.








4/10/2017: New video uploaded on youtube, elaborates how NTPM saves money and time. We recommend watching this 2 minute video to all facility managers, maintenance managers, and operation managers in factories, data centers, solar power users, UPs users, and all those who care about the quality of power in their facility.  

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2/24/2017: New successful test of NTPM in Southern California Edison laboratory, this time with a new power supply that can withstand voltage dips of more than 2seconds. Perfect result.


 2/1/2017: NTPM now detects Voltage Sags as short as 33 milliseconds. It can log the event with ms precision. This is a revelutionary upgrade which makes it most valuable in sensitive applications. More on this topic will be announced soon.


 9/28/2016: Detecting ground faults in ungrounded 3 wire power systems


6/2/2016 LEAK HUNTER: A Sthetoscope for aged pipelines


7/20/2015  An Introduction to RTU32