SCADA & Automation Early Leak Detection Systems Supply Design

Protection & Control Panels

We offer Protection,Control, and Metering panels for industrial plants, power transmission and distribution substations. In addition, we offer the engineering design,

monitoring and reporting services.

In the case your facility can provide existing drawings and technical documents, we will design and manufacture your panels to those specifications. If this information

is not available, then we can generate the drawings and technical documents to your specifications and proceed to the panel design. This is a normal case in older

facilities where this type of technical data is not available.

You have the option to choose our recomended brands of smart meters (NTPMs),  RTU/PLC/PACs and accessories, 

Or we can design and supply Protection and control Panels using other brands of your preferance.

All parts and accessories such as Terminal Blocks, ducts, rails, auxillary relays, heaters, fans, limit switces , and all other

accessories will be submitted for your

approval prior to purchase.

* All the workmanship will be supervised.

* Panels will be fully tested in different levels before delivery.

* Your satisfaction guaranteed.

* Manufacturer warranties apply


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