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 NTPM at first glance is an ordinary power meter. It is not. The versatile features of NTPM make it an ideal NTPMtool for power quality analysis.

Let's see how:



  •     Industries, offices and residential facilities suitable for Power monitoring and Management, load study, load profile recording, demand control, etc.

  •     Switchboards, LV,MV connections a great choice for Remote Monitoring and control

  •     Utilities applications for Power Quality monitoring suited for demanding consumers


Why Power Quality?


Quality of Power delivered to an electrical consumer is important  because it has significant  impact  on its

  •   Energy Consumption
  •   Correct operation
  •   Life time

Power disturbances, caused by external factors (lig                  htning strikes, faulty power lines, etc.)

or internal  factors (faulty equipment, electric discharge etc.), degrade the equipment over time, to eventual complete failure.

High-magnitude harmonic voltages are especially harmful, with following damaging effects:

  • Malfunctioning of control devices, signaling systems, protective relays, …
  • Extra losses in capacitors, transformers, and rotating machines,
  • Increased noise emitted by motors,
  • Voltage amplification even at a remote point from the distorting load.

It is very important to be able to analyze power quality in real time to protect your assets and decrease energy consumption.

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  • Measurement and calculation of more than 100 electrical energy parameters
  • Full Internet connectivity based on Ethernet or Wi-Fi interfaces
  • Web based user interface (in-built web server)
  • Historical data storage of all the measured parameters (for several months)
  • Web service and MODBUS TCP interfaces for data retrieval by external applications


  • Two relay control outputs
  • Built-in rule engine allowing automatic control and notification functionality
  • Real time clock with support for network time synchronization
  • Easy configuration through web
  • Power quality analysis 

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Rich set of measured parameters

NTPM meter/Recorders measure /calculate more than 100 electrical parameters, including:

  •     Power Grid Frequency
  •     RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor of Each Phase
  •     Total Active, Reactive and Apparent Power
  •     Total Power Factor
  •     Total Active Energy
  •     Positive/negative Active and Reactive Energy
  •     Four-quadrant Reactive Energy
  •     Fundamental Active and Reactive Power of Each Phase
  •     Total and per phase energy demand, with configurable demand cycle interval (15, 30, or 60 min)
  •     Total and per phase maximum demand
  •     Hourly average active and reactive power
  •     Hourly average active energy
  •     Hourly minimum active and reactive power
  •     Hourly maximum active and reactive power
  •     Harmonic Active and Reactive Power of Each Phase; (NTPM 200 models)
  •     Voltage and Current Harmonic Content of Each Phase (NTPM 200 models)

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Internet connectivity and WEB support


NTPM meter/ recorders are, in a standard configuration, equipped with either Wi-Fi or Ethernet interfaces depending on the model. This enables extremely easy integration in existing network infrastructure. In addition, a built in Web support provides an easy way to interact with a device from any web enabled front end, including tablets and mobile phones.
Any HTML5 based web browser is the only external software needed to configure and operate NTPM.


The built in web interface allows instant access to real-time as well as historical measurements, which are displayed in an attractive, dashboard like, user interface.
It is possible to easily configure graphs to compare and display only desired information.


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Configuration on the web


Easy web based configuration, with no additional tools or external software. All configuration options are available through a set of WEB links made accesible only to authorized  users. Two classes of user logins are available: administrators, with full access to measured data as well as device configuration , and operators with access to measurements only.

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Historical data storage

Each NTPM device is equipped with a solid state memory and supports long term storage of measured and calculated parameters.

A history of all measured data may be stored with 1-second resolution for a one month, while if you choose the most important parameters to be stored every hour, you have enough space for 10 years.

Read and write operations are optimized  to ensure long memory life.


The historical data and trend curves allow comparison and analysis through the WEB user interface.

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Built-in rule engine

Unlike competitor power meters in the same price range, which typically provide only measurement of energy consumption, thanks to the built in rule engine, NTPM energy meters can actively support energy saving actions.NTPM meter/ recorders are equipped with a flexible but simple rule engine for efficient automation of energy management tasks. The rule engine can generate alarms, events, and control relay actions based on real-time measurements and calculations combined in a configurable set of rules, to achieve concrete energy saving actions.
Rules are defined as simple IF-THEN statements, where measured and calculated parameters are combined to create a set of conditions. Based on the constant evaluation of each condition, the NTPM device triggers corresponding actions, like raising of soft alarms or switching of signaling relays present in all NTPM models. It is possible for example to create a rule that raises an alarm whenever the current energy demand goes above the certain level in the given time period, thus avoiding penalties for breaching contractually agreed maximum demand level.






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