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I/O Selection Guide

  • The multi-protocol aspect of the RTU32 series makes these controllers the propper choice for SCADA & Substation Automation applications as RTU, Bay Controller, protocol converter, or simply as  substation controller PLC or PAC.
  • Speaking of protocols, SCADA engineers usually pick DNP3  or IEC 101, while Substation specialists prefer IEC60870-5-104, or IEC61850. For IEDs, IEC103 or Modbus are utilized the most. RTU32 series support all these protocols and more.
  • The I/O expansion facility along with the powerful CPU, large memory, and multi-thread processing makes an RTU32 perfect for medium size projects. The networking  quality makes the combination of RTU32s capable for any project size.
  • The convenience added by Win CE Operating System, IEC61131 programming environment, embedded web server and remote programming is an additional advantage.
  • RTU32 series can readily work in redundant configuration, making them the right solution for dmanding projects.

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RTU32,RTU32R, RTU32N (NEW), RTU32E(NEW) Universal Controllers

RTU32 series are versatile RTU/PLC/PAC controllers providing an open and flexible platform for a variety of applications in water/wastewater  , power systems , and industries They come in different models with many common features and some differences to best fit different applications. 

The models for demanding projects include: RTU32 (DIN rail mountable) , RTU32N (New- with LCD display), RTU 32R(19" rack mountable) , and  RTU32E (New- compact case)

  • 32-bit 500MHz CPU
  • Integrated and remote I/O
  • WinCE operating system with RTOS
  • Remote Programming
  • I/O diagnosis
  • 128Mb RAM/128Mb Flash
  • 2 LAN , 2 COM (4 on RTU32N), 2 USB, VGA,  I/O Local bus (for I/O expansion modules)
  • Built-in power supply 110-230VAC/DC OR   24-48VDC, ext. 12VDC
  • SNTP Time Sync
  • Data Logging  with  milliseconds time Stamps
  • IEC61131-3 PLC programming
  • Embedded Web Server /HMI (easy configuration with a browser+ Graphic Display of the system)
  • Redundant ready
  • Ambient Temperature: -22 to 158 °F(-30 to +70°C )
  • Optional Built-in 12V UPS (RTU32 and RTU32N)
  • LCD display (RTU32N)
  • Multiple standards Protocols:
  • IEC60870-5-101 (Master & Slave), IEC60870-5-103 (Master), IEC60870-5-104 (Client & Server),Modbus Full Suit
  • Binding Protocol (for I/Os)
  • Several optional Protocols:
  • IEC61850 Server (with GOOSE command) and client 
  • DNP3 (Client & Server- Master & Slave)
  • Profibus DP Master
  • Profinet  Client
  • SNMP Agent
  • WITS DNP3 Slave
  • PowerLink
  • COMLI Master
  • IEC61400-25,BACNET


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RTU32S, RTU,PLC, and Utility Controller

RTU 32S is basically an RTU32 with a 32bit 200MHz CPU, and 64 MB RAM, making it a perfect choice for projects that are not very demading. 
The new RTU32S comes with an LCD display for RTU parameters and I/O status






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I/O Expansion Modules:

DIN rail mountable I/O Modules are available all compatible with RTU32, RTU32E, and RTU32S. 

Rack mountable I/O modules are available for RTU32R.

Digital input, digital output, relay output, analogue process signal input, analogue process signal output, RTD and thermocouple temperature sensor, and mixed I/O modules can be selected among the variaety of modules.

I/O Selection Guide



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Software Tools:

o   WorkSuite-  The Integrated Development Tool for RTU32 Series Worksuite is an intelligent, flexible, and open platform that integrates PLC runtime developement with connetivity via multiple communication drives, wide range of functions, and strong commissioning and debugging tools.

All components together provide reduced engineering time of even advanced runtime applications for the RTU32 series. 

WorkSuite offers configuration and programming facilities that provides a unique level of flexibility as a combined RTU, PLC and communication Gateway.

All these facilities and possibilities are provided through user-friendly tools and well-known environments, making your application development fast and easy. Features include:

  • Full IEC61131 compliant PLC programming tool with all 5 languages SFC, FBD, LD, IL and ST
  • Powerful compiler and full remote connection to your RTU32
  • Online changes – add functions and programs from one cycle to the next
  • Online tools for debugging, individual program start/stop and other smart tools like soft oscilloscope etc.
  • Multiple communication driver support
  • Full HTML documentation of your projects
  • Application distribution – fast and reliable event-based communication between runtimes
  • Project Automation function and Wizard tools
  • SoftPLC runtimes for PC Servers
  • Number of tools such as: OPC Server, Viewer for WebServer HMI, toolkits for developing your own Functions/Function Blocks and drivers etc. 
  • Supported Drivers & Protocols: 
    • IEC61850 Server, inclusive GOOSE

    • IEC61850 Client

    • IEC60870-5-101 Master & Slave

    • IEC60870-5-103 Master

    • IEC60870-5-104 Server & Client

    • IEC61400-25

    • DLMS/IEC62056

    • DNP3 Server & Slave

    • WITS-DNP3 Slave

    • Modbus Full Suite

    • DF1 Master

    • ProfiBus DP Master & DP Slave

    • ProfiNET Client

    • COMLI Master

    • IEC C37.118


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