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Touch Screen & Conroller

A range of industrial quality Touch Screen monitors with LCD dispalys and PLC functions.

Touch screen monitors with embedded PLC 

The TPD & VPD Series  

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PLCs embedded in high definition color TFT touch screen monitors

Best for:Building/Home Automation

  • Beautiful, flexible and user-defined picture display 
  • Easy I/O expansion
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ +70°C (-4°F ~ +158°F)
  • Relative humidity: 10%~90% non condensing
  • ESD protection: 4kV
  • Free Ladder Designer Software for PLC users and a C/C++ language development environment for C/C++ Programmers.
  • Conveniently fit in the regular wall outlet boxes

TPD-280,TPD-280U,TPD-283, TPD283U variants (H,M1,M2,M3)

Common features

  • 2.8-inch TFT screen, 240x320 pixels, 65535colors, 160 cd/m2 brightness 
  • 32 bit RISC CPU,
  • At least 256KB FLASH, 64KB SDRAM 
  • Vertical (H) and horizental (M1,M2,M3) variants 
  • Color variants: White (M1), metal (M2), black (M3)

Specific features

  TPD-280  TPD-280U TPD-283 TPD-283U
RS485 /Modbus RTU  
RJ45 /Modbus TCP    
Extended memory (8MB FLASH, 16MB SDRAM    
Real Time Clock (RTC)    
Power on Terminal Block  12-48VDC,1.5W 10-30VDC,1.2W 12-48VDC,1.5W 12-48VDC,1.5W
Power on Ethernet (PoE)    








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Touch screen monitors with embedded PAC

The IWS PAC series 

Win-CE based InduSoft PAC, an excellent choice for the "internet of things" and "mobile devices". 

Two variants:

7" display: IWS-2201-CE 

10.4" display: IWS-4201-CE


  • RISC CPU, Gigabit Ethernet, , on-board flash memory,
  • I/O expansion on local bus, Ethernet, Wi-FI, serial bus, and Zigbee wirless
  • InduSoft Runtime Inside
  • USB port, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Modbus, OPC, TCP/IP Client/Server
  • DCON Driver (for ICP DAS I/O modules)
  • Rugged TFT touch screen flat panel display 
  • Resolution: 800 x 400
  • Resistive Touch Panel
  • NEMA 4/IP65 Compliant Front Panel
  • Operating Temperature: 14 ~ 140°F (-10 ~ +60°C) 

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Touch screen monitors

The GA-700YY series

Housed in a rugged, compact industrial enclosures, these touch screen LED monitors with bright  display (200-300nits), high contrast ratio (400:1 to 900:1), wide viewing angles and long-life backlights, feature wall mount, arm mount, ceiling mount, pedestal mount, or bench mount.

Fan-less platforms designed to work with MAVIS IEEE 1394 industrial cameras for Automated Optical Inspection applications.

7" Touch Screen LCD monitor is developed with the latest 4-wire resistive Touch-Screen panel. This 7" monitor has 800 x 480 pixels (2400 x 480 sub-pixels) that helps to display crystal clear text and ultra-sharp images through your computer's VGA signal. Use the convenient touch-screen as your input device, control your mouse cursor or the mini on screen keyboard that comes with your operating system. The touch screen utilizes the USB/Serial port as the interface. You can connect several GA-700YY monitors to your computer and the touch screens would work simultaneously through the multi-monitor support.

  • Metallic Silver Casing
  • 4-wire resistive Touch Screen (USB)
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • On Screen Display Control
  • For PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA Use
  • VGA Input (15 pin D-SUB) x 1
  • 16x9 Aspect Ratio
  • High Resolution Display - up to 1600 x 1200
  • Upgraded High-Brightness CCFL
  • Adjustable backlight level for night-time use
  • Pixelworks High Performance VGA Processor
  • High Quality Scaling and Anti-Aliasing
  • Auto power-on upon signal detection
  • Automatic display adjustment
  • Copper Stand: 360° / Height Adjustment
  • 20-Pin heavy-duty connector
  • USB/RS-232 Interface for Touch Screen
  • Anti Glare Coating
  • "E" Mark Certified for Automotive use

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The MMICON is a compact size man-machine interface control board with a 4 x 4 keyboard interface, a 240 x 64-bit graphics LCD interface, a RS-232 or RS-485 Interface, 10 isolated digital input. This control board is designed to work with a PC or PLC and implement a cost-efective man-machine interface.

PC based users can integrate an operator interface, insted of the regular monitor and keyboard. The MMICON has RS-232 or RS-485 ( Jumper Selectable) ports to communicate with PC. The PC can send out commands to change the display page or send out strings to display on the specified location. The user should need an I-7520 (RS-232 to RS-485 converter) to implement an RS-485 network. The PC can control up to 256 MMICON controllers in one 2-wire, RS-485 network.

PLC users can use digital I/O ports to communicate with the MMICON. The PLC sends the page number through digital I/O and the MMICON will automatically display the related image stored in EEPROM.

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Web Enabled LED Displays

Our Web Enabled LED Displays builds the bridge between the information you need to convey and the LED display you need to display it on.

The cost-effective EKAN display features a web-enabled capability, easy programming, easy installation, software configurable multi-display, diversified text and image display, compact size, and optional fieldbus. We provide Dlite SDK for EKAN display. The user can use Dlite SDK to integrate EKAN display to their system easily.