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Load Study: Bowman Plating – USA

  • Project Name: Load study
  • End user: Bowman Plating
  • Period: January 2015

Description: Rhyton Global  supplied a panel with pre-installed  NTPM100  smart power quality meters for real time monitoring and recording electric parameters of selected feeders in order to  have precise values for the consumption of the production lines in different times of the working hours. Bowman Plating will utilise the information for power management and expansion plans.

Update on this project:

Having installed the smart meters on important feeders, Rhyton Global prepared a number of reports using the recorded data by the NTPMs (one month period). The reports revealed the sources of disturbance and loss on the internal power network. We recommended simple amendments and modifications with estimated  annual saving (only on power bills) of more than five times the total cost of this project (including the metering panel, the accessories, and the reports. Other savings by lower maintenance costs of the equipment (due to the enhanced power quality) although not calculated, are considerable.

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Tire Industry: Goodyear – Germany

  • Project Name: Factory Automation
  • End user: Goodyear, Fulda, Dunlop,  
  • Period: Since 1990

Description: A series of application specific Ethernet RTUs with integrated log memory were developed. These RTUs are installed on each of the heating presses at the various production lines. At each production line, there may be up to 20 heating presses and at one production line, up to a total of 120 heating presses. RTUs monitor production data such as temperature and pressure, as well as status signals and alarms. Oracle DB server, WEB access 150 RTUs on Ethernet 10 * 2 zenOn servers in redundant configuration, 15 zenOn clients. In total more than 500 RTUs installed in several applications. A turnkey solution, including maintenance.  

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 Mobile Tanks : Linde – Germany

  • Project Name: Monitoring Tank Farm
  • End user: Linde
  • Consultant: N/A
  • Contractor: N/A
  • Period: 2001 

              Description: Remote monitoring of mobile tanks using GSM. Measuring fuel level,  site status and alarms. The system uses RTU-COMs with a Modbus interface to the customer’s HMI. 

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Food Industry: Shannon Vale – Ireland

  • Project Name: Production (Fridge Temperature Monitoring)
  • End user: Shannon Vale
  • Consultant: IIC
  • Period: 2000 

Description: The monitoring of all production equipment in food production is paramount for safety reasons.  Brodersen has supplied a number of RTUs and zenOn SCADA to constantly monitor the refrigeration equipment at Shannon Vale, who market a variety of frozen chicken products in Ireland.

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Chemical Plant :  Dow Chemicals – Germany

  • Project Name: Alarm and Control
  • End user: Dow Chemicals
  • Period: 2000, Update 2004 

Description: Alarm monitoring system with approx. 200 RTUs, 1 zenOn server and 2 zenOn clients. Communication via RS485 and fiber optic links. A turnkey solution.   

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 Tank Farm :  Bayer – Germany

  • Project Name: Factory Automation
  • End user: Bayer 
  • Period: 2001, update 2005 

 Description: Monitoring and control of a tank farm. Redundant Optical Network with several repeaters. TÜV approval for SELV declaration. Communication via RS485 and fiber optic links. A turnkey solution.

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   Remote Tank Monitoring :   Barton Instrument Systems – UK

  • Project Name: Tanks
  • End user: Spencer Coatings
  • Consultant: Barton Instrument
  • Period: 2005 

Description: One of the key components that must be managed in a manufacturing process is the raw material.  Barton Instrument Systems manufacture sensors to detect the amount of fluid in storage tanks.  Brodersen’s RTU and zenOn SCADA are used to monitor and display the tank levels constantly.  Barton also uses Brodersen’s power supply units and industrial GSM and PSTN modems as part of their remote tank monitoring solutions. 

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Car Manufacturing Factory: BMW München – Germany

  • Project Name: Factory Automation
  • Period: 1996, Update 2001 

Description: Monitoring gas alarms in a hardening plant. Includes zenOn HMI, and parallel display panel. Special data logging functions for BMW Quality Management. RS 485 Communication Network. Extended temp. requirements for RTUs.  Turnkey solution.

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  Chemical Production:  BASF – Germany

  • Project Name: Process Monitoring
  • End user: BASF
  • Period: 2000 

 Description: The system is based around monitoring paint production. It includes Zennon HMIs using RS 485 Network. 

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Paper Industry:  Hercules – Pulp & Paper Division, Europe

  • Project Name: Supply Chain Management - VMI solution, Tank Inventory
  • End user: Hercules 
  • Period: 2003 

Description: A complete VMI solution was implemented including both hardware and software for monitoring inventory levels in tanks. The Brodersen VMI system offers monitoring and control of tank installations using a highly flexible Web interface. Communication to central VMI server is via standard telephone network, GSM or GPRS. 35 RTUs, 1 zenOn server, 28 users on WEB clients.


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Gas Distribution :STEG Gaz SCADA – Tunisia

  • Project Name: Télégéstion et SCADA du Réseau de Gaz 
  • End user: STEG 
  • Consultant: STEG 
  • Contractor: ABB Utiltities Gmbh, Mannheim – Germany 
  • Period: March 2005 to present

Description: The project covers the supply and installation of a complete SCADA system for gas distribution network in Tunisia covering 170 sites connected to 5 SCADA centers by Radio communication.  Brodersen scope covered the procurement, programming, testing, commissioning and start- up of 170 RTU cabinets that include RTUs, redundant RF modems, marshalling terminal connectors with RF antenna and surge protection.    In addition, Brodersen provided the RF survey and simulation, designed the communication system using IEC60870-5-101 over radio and implemented special drivers to communicate with specific field instruments such as chromatographs, calculators and correctors.

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