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Projects- Power T&D

Power Plant:SANOFI Avensis – France

  • Project Name: Power Station Automation
  • End user: Sanofi Avensis
  • Consultant: JS Automation 
  • Period: 2008 

Description: SANOFI AVENSIS required a complete Power Management System for their production facility in France. Each of more than 24 production buildings are powered from each a 10kV substation. Objectives for the project was to monitor, manage and control power usage on each single production building. RTU32 handles the multiple protocols used in this project extreme fast, Include uptime critical requirements and have sites with redundant setup. A turnkey project. And the overall implementation was to the customer's full satisfaction.

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Hydro Power Plant: Alstom Norway 

  • Project Name: Hydro Power Plant management 
  • End user: Statkraft, Norway 
  • Contractor: Alstom
  • Period: 2008 

Description: Monitoring and control of Hydro Power plant distributed in Norway. Complete Plant control and regulation. Meets the high level IEC60870-5-104 Statkraft requirements with Redundancy Groups etc. RTU32 obtained KEMA approval for this application.

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Power Distribution : Cegelec – Philippines

  • Project Name: Monitoring Power Stations
  • Contractor: Cegelec
  • Period: 2003 

Description: Monitoring transformer stations. IEC60870-5-101 communication using leased lines.  

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Power Distribution : N-ERGIE – Germany

  • Project Name: Remote Metering, Transformer Monitoring & Control  
  • End user: N-ergie
  • Contractor: ABB
  • Period: 2001-2003

Description: Monitoring and metering in an electricity network with more than 1,700 outstations. Uses IEC60870-5-101 communication via leased lines. The RTUs feature a built-in interface for IEC 1107 and IEC 102 meter face. 

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Power Distribution : EFT – Ireland

  • Project Name: Energy Management 
  • End user: Electricity Supply Board customers
  • Consultant: EFT - Ireland
  • 2002 to date 

Description: EFT uses Brodersen’s RTUs in conjunction with their Energy Management software to monitor energy usage.  EFT jointly markets their solution with the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) of Ireland.  The aim is to identify where and how electricity is being used by ESB’s customers by sub-metering of appliances, etc.


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