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Formed in 1998 Accuenergy is a leading producer of power and energy metering products for the distribution, control and management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes. Accuenergy specializes in research and design, manufacturing, and distribution of multifunction power meters, power quality analyzers, current transformers, Rogowski coils and related accessories. 


Accuenergy products are easily integrated into new and existing energy management, automation and building control systems for intelligent and user-friendly energy systems and are backed by an industry-leading pre and post sale technical support and manufacturer’s warranty.


Accuenergy serves businesses across a variety of sectors including but not limited to: industrial, commercial, renewable energy, government, educational, communication and defense. Accuenergy products and solutions has been deployed in large-scale energy management projects, public transportation expansion projects, factory control systems, customized switchgear, LEED projects, PUE projects, sub metering and many more with a continued focus of the most efficient, economical and versatile solution for your applications.


Accuenergy has an extensive product range that includes single and three phase multifunction power meters, multi-circuit meters, gateways and data acquisition servers, a variety of split core CTs, UL listed CTs, Rogowski coil CTs, I/O and communication modules, converters, DC power meters, hall effect sensors, pre-wired panels, and data logging software.



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